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Katherine A

I am an Indian author, teacher and law graduate. As someone who has studied the law and literature, I was of the firm belief that journalism would be an added advantage to my existing skillset.

I began to research the various colleges and universities across the world. The aim was simple but the options multiple. This made things confusing for me. On one hand, I did not have the time to go back to college because of my full-time job and on the other, I wanted a qualification that would help me understand the practical knowledge of journalistic writing. That’s when I found The British College of Journalism’s Professional Freelance Journalism Course.

The course content is designed to encapsulate all the major elements of the profession and the industry without skimping on quality. The self-paced course comes with a two-year timeframe which works especially well for working professionals such as myself. The seamless payment process to prompt responses by the administration team are all added advantages.

The tutors at British College of Journalism guide you to proofread and edit your pieces to best suit potential target publications and the intended target audience concomitantly. The feedback my tutor provided on all my assignments has helped me to become a better writer. As a published novelist, I realised that I was in the habit of writing lengthy sentences. She provided constructive comments if my writing had inconsistencies in grammar or in terms of the word limits.

Currently, I work as a communication skills trainer and often write Op-Ed columns for Indian news media. I have recently designed my own website, The Relevant Indian which serves as an international platform for Indians across the globe. I have written various articles on India and Pakistan, social issues and political issues as an All India Professionals’ Congress (AIPC) fellow.

The integration of knowledge and theory balanced with understanding skill and practice is the hallmark of this course. I have no doubt that any student taking it up will be anything less than satisfied. All in all I absolutely loved the experience at the British College of Journalism.


Katherine A
Currently, I work as a communication skills trainer and often write Op-Ed columns for Indian news media.

Katherine A

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